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Prayers for my mom

Friends & Spiritual Family,

I want to solicit your prayers for my mom. On Friday afternoon she was taken to the hospital via ambulance due to a high fever (105+) and lack of coherence.  She was showing some improvement over the weekend and I spoke with her briefly on Sunday.

This morning my brother Brian called to tell me her condition had  worsened.  Continue reading

Busy summer… expectant fall

9poKhJNHDbmbDhnY8IX9ZQ8QqHzxRisR12c7NyQYPV51Y_vr6h5fhBotmPQFEuhrZUga6g=w1256-h488What a busy summer!  New baby, active kids, growing church, renovating a facility, hosting teen basketball tournament & kids camp, and now school has started.   You can download our entire newsletter here:  fall 2014 update. 

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Seven lessons from the San Antonio Spurs

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I may live in the frozen tundra of Vermont where hockey rules and locals hope to see their children one day compete for the Stanley Cup, but I still enjoy watching the NBA playoffs.  This year I especially enjoyed watching the San Antonio Spurs systematically dismantle the Miami Heat.  After watching the final game, I jotted down seven lessons learned from watching the Spurs and especially Coach Greg Popovich (which just might also apply to church-planting). Continue reading

Prepping for marriage: 3 observations

Often when we look at the world around us, we can see much that is going wrong.  Sometimes God gives us glimpses of what He’s doing, of what is right, and it serves as a breath of fresh air.  Watching two close of my friends joined together in marriage this past Sunday was just that.  Continue reading

Daddy Day

For all you dads out there, here’s a couple of posts to get you in the mood for Father’s Day.

The Evolution of Dad Dancing w/Jimmy Fallon & Chris Christie

An excellent post from my good friend Ed Choy on “How to be an Awesome Dad.”

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