Asking for sincere faith

For the past week two words have continuously pulsed through my mind: sincere faith.  This phrase 529248272306was planted as I read the apostle Paul’s encouraging and challenging words to his young understudy Timothy.  They were watered by a sermon from Dr. Danny Wood on having faith to persevere through tough times.  Their beat continues as I walk the streets of Burlington.  God please give me sincere faith. Read More…

Killling your Missional Community

Check out this two minute video from the Verge Network  with Jen Hatmaker: How to kill your missional community.

Quotable quote:

If we develop a church bent towards serving the saved, then the already blessed people will come wanting more blessing..


Unspoken Plumb Lines

Italy, Tuscany, The leaning tower of Pisa with plumb lineplumb line noun:  tool that consists of a small, heavy object attached to a string or rope and that is used especially to see if something (such as a wall) is perfectly vertical

This past week my good friend Ben Presten shared with me this interesting idea of “plumb lines” from the book “Sticky Teams” by Larry Osborne.  Here’s what Osborne means by plumb-lines:

Plumb lines are like organizational proverbs—a list of pithy sayings that describe clearly and concisely what we value and what our staff needs to think through when making decisions… Read More…

Equipping Retreat Session 3: Video & Notes

Video and  my personal notes from Session 3 of our Church Planters Equipping Retreat. Read More…

Reaping & Relational Evangelism

Since our Church Planter’s Equipping Retreat, several people who attended the retreat or who’ve viewed parts of it online asked about how a church planter’s responsibility to focus on reaping impacts relational evangelism.  The underlying question seems to revolve around whether relational evangelism is effective and should remain a priority.  I believe the overwhelming answer is yes, but with some qualifications.  I’ll provide some context for the conversation.   Read More…

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