How can you partner with us in planting churches?


Join our prayer team.  It’s as simple as signing up for the email list which sends out weekly updates from Kevin’s blog, so you can keep up with the ministry in Burlington and know specific details to pray over.


In the upcoming months and years plenty of service opportunities will be promoted such as prayer walking and various strategic acts of kindness.  Whether you’re a working couple with a weekend free or a college student who wants to give a whole summer, we’d love for you or a team to come serve our city in the name of Jesus.


Needless to say, it takes money to begin serving a community, start a church, and well… pay the founding pastor’s bills.  We take being good stewards of God’s resources seriously, so below is a basic idea of the church’s start up costs. Every year we’ll email budget updates, so you can see how contributions are utilized.

Mail checks to the following:Burlington City Church

49 Janet Circle

Burlington, VT 05408


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