Beginning of Goodbye

This past week has been incredibly bittersweet as I led my last community service project with the Point Church in NJ.  Leading our annual Urban Plunge project one last time was such an amazing blessing as we saw 75 volunteers (65 who call this NJ community home) give of their time, energy, talents, and resources to serve our community in the name of Jesus.  We definitely bit off more than we could chew: replacing a single mom’s roof, working with 250 kids at New Brunswick’s Summer PlaySAFE program, serving with Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen, hosting two community block parties, and running our own Kids Camp & Middle School Soccer Camp.  God came through BIG TIME!  It’s hard to believe this all began six years ago with a small group of people meeting in an apartment- worshiping Jesus, studying the scriptures, and asking God to show us how to serve the community of New Brunswick in His name.

I am confident that just as God has done the seemingly impossible here in New Brunswick, He will do more of the same in Burlington. Our prayers for these last few weeks in New Brunswick are… *For quality time with our friends and spiritual family as we prepare to leave. *For God to send the right renter (or even surprise us with a buyer) for our home. *For God to give us opportunities to leave a lasting impression of Jesus with our neighbors, friends, and community partners. Thank you for your partnership and prayers!

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