Last week in Jersey- Update & Prayers

I’ve often thought of  our church-planting experience as just that- it’s sometimes slow, sometimes fast, you’re never quite sure what’s around the next corner.  It’s simultaneously exhilarating and  frightening, you often feel like you could throw up at any moment, yet once you get off you get back in line to ride all over again.  As Christin, Jude, and I exit New Brunswick, New Jersey and prepare for Burlington, VT, I want to share a little of what God is doing and some specific ways you can continue praying for us.

God continues to provide…

*A few weeks ago I received an unexpected phone call from my friend Reid Monoghan, the pastor of Jacob’s Well, a two year old church plant in nearby East Brunswick, NJ.  They blessed us with a $3000 check for the new church in Burlington.  One word: WOW!

*Christin, Jude, and I returned to NJ last Monday from an amazing Global Impact Conference at First Baptist Church Callahan, Florida.  One of their Bible Study Groups blessed us with a portable sound system to use for block parties and small worship gatherings in Burlington.

*God continues to move churches and individuals to support our new work.  We now have $2217/month of our financial support raised- almost 50% of our monthly salary needs.

*God may have provided a renter for our home.  We’re so excited about a single mom and three of her daughters potentially living in our home.  She’s a Section 8 housing client, so we’ll have a final home inspection on Monday to make everything official.  Everything about this situation looks like an answered prayer for both her and us.

Please continue to pray…

*Pray that God will work out all the details between us, our potential renter, and the county Section 8 housing administrators.

*Pray that God will continue to bring financial partners- individuals and churches- to support the start of this new church in Burlington.

*Pray for the others on our team who are prayerfully preparing to move to Burlington: Matt, Tirzah, & Benjamin Mashue,  Lance Farrell, and Miles Ean. Pray especially that God will provide jobs and point them to the right home or apartment.

*Pray that these last few days in NJ will be a sweet time with our friends and spiritual family at the Point Church.  We will miss the community of New Brunswick and especially our relationships here so much.

*Pray for the Point’s leadership as they continue to lead this church to the next level: Tim Nussbaumer- Teaching Pastor, Jon Zila-Worship Pastor, and Tony Yuhas-the new Executive Director.  This church is stocked with amazing pastors and servant leaders.  I’m excited to see what God has in store.

Thank you for remembering us!

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