New Home, God’s Grace, God’s Glory

Thank you for your prayers.  As usual, God came through, and yesterday morning I signed a lease for a townhouse/duplex at 406 North Ave. in Burlington.  We are excited and maybe a little anxious as Christin and Jude fly in on Friday, we move in on Saturday, and continue the adventure God has called us to.  This morning God reminded me just how strategic this place is in His kingdom purposes…

I love nature.  From just about anywhere in Burlington you can catch a glimpse of Lake Champlain, New York’s Adirondack mountains across the lake, or the Green Mountains east of the city.  In fact, I can get a glimpse of each from our new home.  Even just a few weeks ago, thousands of leaf peepers flocked to Vermont to see the fall colors across the rolling hills and marvel at the beauty.  It’s not difficult to comprehend from here how God’s eternal power and divine nature are evident in His creation (Romans 1:20).

Nestled in the midst of this natural beauty, just a few blocks from our new home, is Burlington’s Old North End.  Many have described it as Vermont’s most impoverished neighborhood, and it’s home to thousands of international refugees through the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program.  Honestly, this community does not look like it belongs in Vermont.  Yet God has reminded me that the residents of this community (along with all of humanity) are uniquely designed to worship Him and reflect His glory in a way that far exceeds what the surrounding natural beauty can do.  As God’s image bearers nothing in all of creation has the potential to reflect His glory as they do.

This morning as I read the beginning of Romans 1, I was moved by Paul’s statement in verse 5- “through  whom (Jesus) we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name among all the nations.”  We have received grace and have been sent out so that the glory of His name will be known in all the ethnic families of this world.  This is God’s purpose for each of us whether a CEO, custodian, entrepreneur, single mom, salesman, pastor, mechanic, or recovering drug addict.

I love how David Platt puts it in his book Radical:

God gave his people his image for a reason- so that they might multiply his image throughout the world.  He created human beings, not only to enjoy his grace in a relationship with him, but also to extend his glory to the ends of the earth.

Simple enough.  Enjoy his grace and extend his glory.

I am so blessed to live in a place where I can enjoy God’s grace and share the gospel with the nations- Somalia, Rwanda, and Vietnam to name a few- just blocks away.

Here are some specific ways you can pray for us:

*Pray for the normal adjustments that come with our family moving to a new community- new friendships, learning our way around, meeting our neighbors, and making 406 North Ave. our home.

*Pray that we will quickly build relationships with families in the Old North End and the groups that serve them.

*Pray for discernment concerning which existing organizations we should partner with who already serve refugees.

*Pray for the Kids Alive ministry, their leader Doug Hoffman, and team of volunteers who minister to almost 70 kids each Saturday morning in the Old North End.

*Pray that God will continue to provide us with needed financial support from churches and individuals.  We have taken a step of faith in moving without our support fully raised.  For more details go to our partner page.

*Pray that God will use this move to strengthen our marriage and family- especially with baby #2 on the way in May.

6 thoughts on “New Home, God’s Grace, God’s Glory

  1. It is so exciting to watch (from a great distance) all this taking place and how God puts each piece in place! It looks so beautiful there. Christin-have safe trip to your knew home. Love you guys/


  2. Kevin

    Welcome. Please keep in mind that the ministry of Christ is such that a profession of belief in Jesus as testified by the Apostles and Baptism are required for salvation. The world is already condemned, only those who profess belief in Christ and have been baptized will be saved. Secondarily but as important is a life according to the teachings of Christ. God blesses you with faith, you seem to me a true believer. I’ll know when I’ve heard the profession, and your work speaks volumes – from what I’ve seen. I hope to see you soon and chat with you about Christ and your work here in Burlington!

    Steve Kranz


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