Making Disciples-Asking The Right Questions

As I continue to pray through the issue of making disciples, I’m increasingly convinced that the average Jesus-follower in America today has little idea how this works.  On a personal level, I’ve been burdened by this question: with all the time, energy, and resources that I’ve poured into “doing ministry” (teaching, organizing worship services, serving the community), how effective have I been in equipping others to make disciples? In other words, have I effectively led people in the churches I’ve served over the past two decades to intentionally invest in a few others in such a way that they are leading others to follow Jesus? I’m thoroughly convinced we can have compelling scriptural teaching, moving times of  praise, strategic acts of service, even a growing congregation and still miss this most foundational principle.  I’m also convinced that whether our churches are based around a big worship service, home groups, community service or carry labels such as contemporary, traditional, attractional, missional, or organic, that we need to rediscover the disciple-making culture that defined Jesus’ ministry, the church of Acts, and the apostle Paul’s church planting endeavors.  I believe creating this culture requires asking the right questions- of ourselves, our leaders, and those who consider themselves followers of Jesus.

Questions we need to be asking:

  • What is God teaching you-especially through personal time in prayer and the scriptures?
  • What challenges, trials, and temptations are you struggling with as you pursue Jesus?
  • How are you practically living out the good news of Jesus in your family, friendships, workplace, and community?
  • Who are the two or three people you’re intentionally investing in and discipling?

One thought on “Making Disciples-Asking The Right Questions

  1. Kevin,
    Thanks for the good word. I too have been struggling with these issues. For many years now, I have used the platform God has given me (teaching at a community college) to tell my students at the end of each semester about the hope that lives within me. I’ve had very little response over the years…until now. I have 5 guys, all former students, who have approached me in different ways with spiritual questions or discussions. So I’m asking, “What do I do now?” I’ve prayed for opportunity…now I’ve got it, and don’t exactly know what to do with it. These guys range from atheist, to homosexual, to recovering drug addicts, to young husband/father that just don’t know how to keep it all together. I’ve had so little coaching/training/teaching/mentoring on how to invest in others and make disciples that it’s a bit overwhelming. You may not have all the answers, but thanks for asking what I think are the right questions!


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