My good friend Michael Ly gave an insightful and challenging talk at the Lumens conference concerning peacemaking between Christians and Muslims.  I believe it’s incredibly relevant to our work here in Burlington.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Peacemaking

  1. Kevin, Michael has a perspective I respect in the context of not holding out the personal information that we do what we do for the sake of Jesus Christ. Jesus insists we have THAT conversation, the one which relays we are servants of Our Lord here to seek out those who would be saved. He instructed His disciples to shake the sand from their sandals where His Word is not accepted, and that He came to bring a sword and not peace. The conversation needs to take place, and that must not be forgotten, however, indeed, blessed are the peace makers. I like where Michael is going if it is indeed to serve the Lord setting the example for all to follow by bringing peace through honest discourse. Thank you for sharing.


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