New team members: Michael, Shannon, & Aden Ly

We’re so excited to announce that Michael, Shannon, and Aden Ly will be transplanting their lives from Seattle to join our team here in Burlington in just a few weeks.

It all started with an email I received this past April 8:

I’m an accounting professional from south Seattle and pastor with Soma Communities there. I’m in VT visiting some of my wife’s family and wanted to see if you would like to get coffee today. I want to hear more about you and your work in Burlington… Michael Ly

Now for those of you who’ve met me for coffee, you know those conversations can head in unexpected directions.  This meeting did not disappoint. As I met with Michael at New Moon Cafe and listened to his story, I knew this meeting was not accidental.  He was a pastor/elder with Soma Communities, one of the churches pioneering the missional community movement.  They’re approach was almost identical to what we’re wanting to do with Home Fellowships.  He had moved to Seattle to begin peacemaking work between Christians and Muslims and learn how to engage people of other faiths and cultures- in the process he had helped start an organization called Peace Catalyst with a focus on peacemaking between Christians and Muslims.  Additionally, he was leading one of Soma’s missional communities to serve on of the largest Somali populations in North America.  He also had a unique perspective on the refugee experience as the son of Cambodian refugees.  Michael possessed an obvious passion for church-planting and seeing the gospel planted in communities.  And did I mention his wife, Shannon, was a native Vermonter?  God  had a purpose for this new friendship.

Over the next few months we continued to talk and pray as we’d discuss opportunities, challenges, vision, and strategy.  I knew Michael cared about what God was up to in Burlington.  Then, after returning from a six week business trip to Turkey, he shared a significant piece of news:  Shannon and I are seriously praying about joining you guys in Burlington.  Over these last few weeks God has continued to work out details.  His company is allowing  him to work from Burlington and remain on staff as comptroller.   Almost two weeks ago they signed the contract on a home in Burlington’s New North End, and they’ll arrive just before Thanksgiving.

Needless to say, we’re excited about the addition of the Lys to our spiritual family and leadership team.  Please thank God with us as He continues to send more “workers for the harvest.”  Also, pray for Michael, Shannon, and Aden Ly as they say goodbye to Seattle and prepare for Burlington.  

5 thoughts on “New team members: Michael, Shannon, & Aden Ly

  1. I am thrilled to hear of the Lys coming to join you in the Serve Burlington effort. Be assure of my prayers for all that is doing and eill do in the Queen City.


  2. Kevin,

    Sorry for the misspellings, “assured”, “will”, and omission of “God.”



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