Networking in VT- Missional Communities

This post will probably only apply if you live in VT and are…

a. Planting a church centered around the missional community model (a.k.a. gospel communities or home fellowships).

b. Pastoring a church that already uses the missional community model.

c. Pastoring a church where you’re considering transitioning to the missional community model.

d. Are still interested although none of the above apply.

The idea behind starting an informal network is pretty simple.  VT is highly unchurched.  We all play for the same team.  We may have significant overlap in our mindset and approach to ministry. We can probably learn a lot from each other’s experiences.  The result could be some serious synergy that leads to greater partnership around  gospel centered church-planting in VT.

Networking would probably initially involve meeting once every three to four months for a half-day to discuss a specific topic related to missional communities and pray for each other.  I’m thinking January makes sense for an initial meeting. Rather than trying to recreate the wheel, a national network called the Gospel Mission Community Collective provides a good platform for us to begin. Obviously, more details need to be filled in, but I want to at least begin the conversation.

If you’re interested a good first step is to  From there, join the group “Regional GCM Collectives.”  Also email me at to let me know you’re interested.

If this is not something you’re interested in- no worries!  Thanks for taking the time to read the post.



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