New Director for Serve Burlington in 2012!

Many of you who read this blog, have been  highly involved in praying for, serving with, or giving to the projects of Serve Burlington.  I thought it’s important for you to be in the loop regarding some important news.

I’m excited to announce that in 2012 Mike Bazemore will be coming on board as Serve Burlington’s Director.  Mike has spent the past ten years working with Campus Crusade for Christ: traveling all over the world with the Jesus Film and most recently serving with the Lifelines ministry at the University of Vermont.  Mike has some obvious skills in the areas of administration, project management, leading teams, and hands on service.  He’s a solid leader who loves Jesus and loves people.  He’s also a trusted friend.

I want to go ahead and address several questions:

1) How did this happen so quickly?  Some of you already know that although I’m passionate about the platform that Serve Burlington provides, I’m not concerned about running the day to day operations or being the face of the organization.  I had hoped that one day “way down the road” that Serve Burlington would have the funds to hire a director, but that would require either significant funding or someone who could raise their own funds.  Since Mike and I are part of a weekly prayer group, he knew my heart on this and I knew he was considering a transition in ministry.

2) Will Mike and his family become part of the church-plant?  The answer is probably not, and there is no expectation of that.  The Bazemores are involved at North Ave. Alliance Church.  I believe this is good because it establishes that Serve Burlington is not about mobilizing only one church but any interested churches, ministries, and individuals.

3) How will this impact my involvement?  The transition of Mike taking over the reigns will be gradual over the first few months of 2012, and I will remain in a vision casting role as president of the board of directors.  I don’t think I’ll necessarily be doing less as opposed to focusing more of my time and energy in the areas where I feel most passionate and sense God leading the new church were starting.

4) Where are the funds for Mike’s position coming from?  We’re hoping and praying that Mike’s base of supporters from his days with Cru will continue to support him in this new endeavor.  We’re also hoping other individuals, churches, and organizations will begin supporting him.  Since Serve Burlington does not yet have the necessary infrastructure, Mike is going through the Global Service Network to raise funds.  You can check out his fundraising page here.

You may also want to check out Mike, Caryn, & Hudson’s final ministry update with Lifelines.

I’m confident that God is going to use this significant step to give us and many others a stronger platform for serving this city.

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