Celebrating BCC’s 1st Baptism!

On Sunday, June 17, Burlington City Church celebrated its first baptism!  Following our 406 North Ave. Home Fellowship’s Sunday morning meeting we strolled down to Lake Champlain with onlookers from the sand and bike path (even got a standing ovation from two power walkers).  We are so excited about what God is doing in Maura’s life as a new follower of Jesus.
It’s amazing to see the spiritual rebirth Jesus has brought to her life and how God continues to place the right people in her life as she pursues Him.

Please pray for Maura as she continues following Jesus- she’s leaving Burlington for a two year stint with Teach for America in NY City. 

Here are some pics from the big day.




2 thoughts on “Celebrating BCC’s 1st Baptism!

  1. Hello Kevin, Your mom and I have been keeping up with each other through email. She shared with me the exciting news of BCC’s first baptism. And, upon my request, she gave me your blog site addresses. How cool that, through this site, we get to read about and see the pictures of the baptism! Praying for your work — I remember studying in Mission Friends about Vermont being the least church state. Praying blessings upon you and Christin as you serve!


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