Starting with the end in mind

The following is an excerpt from what Michael Ly, one of Burlington City Church’s pastors, shared this morning with our Gospel Community in Winooski.  These questions are incredibly relevant to all of us involved in church-planting.

Start with the end in mind.
If you were a Gospel planting team from another state or country, but now living in your specific neighborhood…

What is the end goal in your neighborhood or people group?

What would success as a team tangibly look like for your team in regards to your neighborhood or people group?

If you were to all leave in 5 or 10 yrs, how do you know you succeeded in what you were trying to accomplish?

(The main answer should be an established, thriving local church and anything else that results/benefits from that.)

What would your team start doing to eventually see the outcomes you lined up above?

Where did the Apostle Paul begin and how does it  line up with where you begin or have already begun?

What additions or changes need to be made?

Rhythms: practice now what you want to see in the future.

How does what you are beginning to do above line up with the rhythms of the people you are reaching?

One thought on “Starting with the end in mind

  1. I constantly carry with me a John Perkins quote about this. I like the way he says it:

    “Go to the people.
    Live among them.
    Learn from them.
    Love them.
    Start with what they know.
    Build on what they have.
    But of the best leaders,
    when their task is accomplished,
    when their work is done…
    The people will remark:
    ‘We have done it ourselves.’ “


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