Back to the Point

Many of you who have followed our church-planting journeys from the beginning will remember Christin and I moving from metro-Atlanta in June of 2004 to New Brunswick, NJ where we helped start the Point Church.  From time to time people will ask how “the Point” is doing.  The simple answer: never better!  Now they’re ramping up to launch another church in 2013…

After we transitioned to Burlington two years ago, the Point Church merged with the Bridge Church to form the Point Community Church.  This merge had God’s fingerprints all over it as two churches who shared the same vision and mission joined as one to become even more effective at engaging the community with the gospel and planting churches.  They have an amazing team of pastors and elders, and God is doing some amazing things in and through PCC which includes starting a “CarePoint” with  Children’s Hopechest that ministers to orphans in Kaberamaido, Uganda.  They’ve also been a huge encouragement to us as our sending church during this start-up phase of Burlington City Church.

This leads to the piece of news that especially excites me.  This coming year PCC will be launching a new campus in Franklin Township, NJ. This new church will be led by my good friend Tim Nussbaumer who was part of our original launch team and has continued serving as PCC’s teaching pastor.  I’ve attached Tim’s prospectus for any of you who are looking for opportunities to partner with a church plant or just want to know more about their church planting endeavors.


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