Unpacking Exponential-part 2

More notes from the Exponential Church Planting conference.  I’ve attempted to put my points I found incredibly relevant in bold and  personal thoughts in italics.

Jo Saxton, 3DM- Launching Missional Communities

  • Don’t always begin with a big vision.
  • Start with what you do know & can do.
  • Expect God to move.
  • Group should be small enough to share & large enough to dare.

Missional Communities are not a new idea.  Almost every movement and denomination began with something similar to Missional Communities.

Missional Communities defined:

  • Size of extended family.  20-50 people.
  • Clear mission/vision.  Who or where are we sent to?
  • Vehicle for training and multiplying leaders.
  • Lightweight and low maintenance.


  • What/who is your mission?
  • What is the news you want to share?
  • What are your rhythms and those of your neighbors?


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