Church Planters Equipping Retreat

I realize I have not updated this blog in quite a while.  As I return to the blogosphere, I want to solicit your prayers for what I believe is a potentially eternally significant event this weekend.  God gave me the opportunity to organize an equipping retreat for church-planters in the region.  We originally expected ten to twelve guys, but we had to cap the numbers at twenty-two.  All of these men are either presently leading a church-plant or sensing God leading them to plant a church in their community.  All of these men live in highly unchurched and underserved communities in Vermont, Eastern New York, and Northern New Hampshire.  Many of them feel isolated and under-equipped for the task ahead.
Please join me in praying…

That the Holy Spirit will guide our retreat facilitator, John Worcester, with confidence and clarity as he shares from the scriptures and his personal experiences as a veteran church-planter.

That the men attending will leave refueled for the mission ahead, with a clearer vision of what God is leading them to do, and a stronger foundation in Jesus and His word.

That we will all share in an “iron sharpenign iron” experience  develop a sense of comradery and community with true friendships and partnership in the gospel developing. 

So you may be wondering how we got to this point.  Last year I began coaching two VT church-planters- Ben in Wilmington and Austin in Montpelier.  As our coaching relationships developed we realized most church planters we encountered felt isolated and under-equipped, so we began a monthly google hangout where we discuss different competencies we need to develop as church planters.  That led to us discussing how we could do something in person- like a retreat.  That brings us to today.  We’re praying about what this means for the future and what steps God wants us to take in equipping and networking church-planters in our region.  Please join us in praying that God will continue guiding us in this process… More coming soon!

One thought on “Church Planters Equipping Retreat

  1. I hope the retreat went well. Looking forward to hearing some details about it. Praying for Burlington, one of the 10 most post-Christian cities in America. Along with Boston, Providence, Hartford, and Portland. Five out of the top10 as listed by Southern Seminary!


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