My Heroes

he·ro  noun  : a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities

This past week, I took a few days off to spend some quality time with two of my heroes: S and B (initials used for security purposes). I admire these two people so much for the way they courageously follow Jesus and represent Him with such humility and integrity. Continue reading

12 years of marriage & counting

Yesterday was a double-whammy celebration: Mother’s Day and my twelfth wedding anniversary. God continuously reminds me how He’s blessed our family with an amazing mom and wife, so I decided to share with Christin over the past twelve days some of those thoughts through a Twelfth Anniversary Countdown listing what I love about her… and I want you to know what I love most about Christin.  Warning: this could be considered sappy.  Continue reading

Mission: Family

Last night I returned from a five day getaway with my family.  We did not go to Disney World or an exotic destination.  We did not even leave the state of VT.  We spent the week on a Christmas tree farm nestled between the rolling VT foothills and the Connecticut River.   It was exactly what I and the family needed. Continue reading

Your will be done… maybe

I woke up this past Saturday excited to be alive and why not?!  I had just awoken from seven plus hours of sleep on my memory foam mattress.  I was relaxing on the couch, sipping freshly brewed coffee from my french press, looking out the window at Lake Champlain in the distance.  I quickly caught up on the weekend’s news on my iPhone’s USA Today app.  I could hear my two year old son, Jude, beginning to stir and call “Daddy, you downstairs?”  It would only be an hour until my wife and infant daughter came down too.  I could not help but think, “isn’t it wonderful following Jesus in Burlington, VT.”  It’s so easy to pray your kingdom come, your will be done under these circumstances. Continue reading