Vision Trip

This past weekend my family, a small group of friends, and I traveled to Burlington, to scope out the city.  Our prayer was for God to show us where He is at work in Burlington, what the spiritual and physical needs of the city are, and some practical steps we can take to begin joining Him in His work.  We also wanted to gain a glimpse of what it would be like to “do life” in Burlington- to live, work, minister, and even play.  As usual, God did not disappoint.

Over the weekend we…

-Met with Terry Dorsett the director of the Green Mountain Baptist Association and VT pastor.  He’s an encyclopedia of VT knowledge and planted  Faith Community Church which has planted two additional churches in VT.

-Prayer walked each community within Burlington.  Along the way we had some great conversations with locals, and really began to see how God can use us in this city.

-Served alongside the Kids Alive ministry by hosting a Saturday block party in the Old North End where most of the international refugees have relocated.  I decided to ask three random kids where they were from: Tanzania, Burundi, and a Quebec Native American Reservation.

-Met in a rented home with our team for a Sunday morning “house church” meeting.  I’m not sure, but this could count as our first worship gathering in Burlington.

-Took a last minute and unplanned kayaking trip on Lake Champlain with a couple of the guys on Sunday afternoon- the perfect ending to the weekend!

Here are a few specific ways you can pray for us:

*Pray for those who visited by name:  Matt & Tirzah Mashue with their newborn son Benjamin,  Lance Farell, and Miles Ean.

*Pray that God will continue to confirm His calling on each of us to Burlington.

*Pray that God will provide each of these guys with jobs and give Lance and Miles favor as they consider applying to the University of VT.

*Pray that God will lead a couple of artists to join our team.

*Pray that God will lead each of us to the right house or aparment in the city to make our home.

*Pray for God to continue building partnerships between our team and existing ministries in Burlington such as Kids Alive.

*Pray that God will lead us to “people of peace” (relational bridges) in key places such as public schools,  the arts community, and the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program.

*Pray that Christin and I will be able to sell our home in NJ.

2 thoughts on “Vision Trip

  1. Miles said he had a great time. Put up some more pics for us. Also, what are some recreational things a person would do if they happened to move up there?


    • I was so glad Miles made the trek to Burlington. I think he would be a great addition to the team… “Recreational things” during the warmer months would include kayaking (river and lake), hiking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, sailing, and just about anything outdoors. During the winter skiing (cross country and downhill), ice skating, and hockey. There’s also a very influential arts community, so there’s no lack of galleries, plays, or festivals.


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