2nd Annual Kids Camp

photoNext Monday Burlington City Church hosts its second annual Kids Camp in Burlington’s Old North End.  God blessed last year’s Kids Camp and we expect more of the same this year.  With members from Burlington City Church, teens from Youth Impact, and an experienced volunteer team from Valleydale Church,  God has provided an amazing team of volunteers to bless the kids of our community.  The Old North End looks very different than many other areas of VT as the neighborhood remains the most impoverished in VT.  It has also quickly become the most ethnically diverse community due to the influx of refugees from places such as Nepal, Burundi, Somalia, Vietnam, and Iraq.

We have four simple goals for this week:

  1. Sow the good news in these children.
  2. Connect with families in the community.
  3. Leave a lasting impression of Jesus on the community.
  4. Disciple and develop the people of Burlington City Church, teens with Youth Impact, and those on our periphery.

Please pray with us for these goals to become a reality.

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