“What do you really do?”

“What do you really do?” is a question I’m asked  by someone almost every week.  People know I’m a pastor/church-planter/nonprofit director, but  they often want to know what this practically looks like beyond our momentary interactions.
You may already know about my obsession with venn diagrams which also carries over into how I structure my personal ministry focus:

3 Focus Areas

As a big fan of Stephen Covey’s principal, schedule your priorities, I try to build a weekly rhythm around these focus areas.  Plenty of unexpected craziness hits, so I need this weekly ministry game plan for the sake of stability and progress:

  • Sundays: mornings- BCC Gospel Community meetings or Worship Gathering
  • Mondays: mornings & afternoons- praying, reading, studying, writing
  • Tuesdays: mornings- Serve Burlington/ afternoons- coaching VT church-planters/ evenings- Serve Burlington citizenship class
  • Wednesdays: mornings- one on one meetings/ afternoons- catch-all/ evenings- discipleship huddle
  • Thursdays: mornings- meetings & coaching church planters/ afternoons- admin/ one evening per month- google hangout with VT church-planters
  • Fridays: mornings- meet with BCC Gospel Community leaders/ afternoons- rest or loose ends
  • Saturdays: morning, afternoon, & evening belong to my family

Here’s some other items on my weekly schedule:

  • Early morning time with God in prayer and scripture.
  • Most evenings I like to be home in time to put the kids to bed.
  • Friday afternoons coming home around 1 p.m. so Christin can getaway.
  • Making time to decompress and think, which involves bike rides, hiking, and going to the gym.

If you’re a church-planter, then you know many weeks do not go as planned.  Consider this a flexible game-plan =)


2 thoughts on ““What do you really do?”

  1. Looks like you and the LORD have an excellent plan for serving the Lord while serving others too. Also building leaders in others as well with your house church gatherings. Pat and I are glad to know everything is going according to God’s direction and plan. Love and Prayer’s Dianne and Pat


  2. I,for one, have seen firsthand what you do and I know God is looking down from

    heaven and saying “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Also want to add –

    “Congratulations on the new little one you all are expecting. So happy for you!”

    Praying for God’s continued blessings on your lives and His mission, to which

    you have so faithfully responded,


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