Great resources on Missional Communities

As you may realize our Gospel Communities with Burlington City Church are essentially the same thing as what many churches now call missional communities.  As we journey, we continue to discover excellent resources from the growing missional community movement:

*Leading Missional Communities by Mike Breen.  This book provides the best single resource covering the what, why, and how of missional communities.  Also, check out the 3DM website for more resources from Breen’s team.

*The GCM (Gospel Community Mission) Collective.  Joining this community provides a great platform for asking questions, discussing issues, and learning with other practitioners from around the country.

*The Verge Network posts excellent content from influential leaders.

*For a simple less than three minute overview of missional communities check out this video.

*If you have an hour, this video gives a much more in depth look.

*If you enjoy anything that makes fun of Kanye West, then you’ll appreciate this.


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