Prayers for my mom

Friends & Spiritual Family,

I want to solicit your prayers for my mom. On Friday afternoon she was taken to the hospital via ambulance due to a high fever (105+) and lack of coherence.  She was showing some improvement over the weekend and I spoke with her briefly on Sunday.

This morning my brother Brian called to tell me her condition had  worsened.  She’s capable of maybe two sentences of coherent conversation before she loses track or becomes exhausted and struggling to eat.  Over the next 48 hours they plan to run many tests including bone marrow biopsy, CT scan of her stomach, MRI of her brain, and ultrasound of her heart.  There’s a chance that this could be related to a rare blood disorder she has called thrombocytosis.

I’m sharing all that to ask for you to pray for her: ask God to heal her and make His presence real to her.  Thankfully I know my mom loves Jesus and trusts Him.  Also, pray for my brother Brian as he is by her side and carries the weight for the rest of our family.

Also, if you live in the Atlanta area we respectfully request for friends not to visit her since guests seem to add to her exhaustion.
Thank you for your prayers,


7 thoughts on “Prayers for my mom

  1. So sorry to hear about your mother, Kevin. Please know that she and your family will be lifted up in prayer. Keep us posted, please.


  2. Thanks to my good friend Michael Ly giving me his United Airline points, I was able to fly to Atlanta yesterday to be with my mom and give my brother Brian a break. Her condition has improved some: she’s coherent and fever is somewhat suppressed. She still remains very sick with no strength and unable to do most menial tasks. As we wait for the results on a couple of tests, the doctors seem to suspect a virus. Thank you for praying for my mom and family.


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