Hiatus over

This past November I walked through the back door from a Sunday afternoon hike with the kids and shared a simple observation with Christin: “I am discouraged.”  I didn’t mean the discouragement that comes from a Empty-fuel-gauge511tough week, a tense conversation, or even riding the ministry roller coaster of starting a church.  I meant real discouragement: the type that lingers in your soul for months and makes you feel like you don’t have anything left in the your spiritual, emotional, or mental tanks.  Many in our church were battling burnout (including me), some were walking through crisis of belief, my mom had been very sick, I was struggling through how to manage a difficult ministry partnership, and spiritual momentum in the community was at a standstill.   I confessed to Christin that I could not recall ever having felt this type of discouragement before, and she asked me the simple question, “Are you OK?”

Yes I am.  I had just went on a hike with Jude and Wren, who I enjoy so much.  Our boy Skye is the happiest baby in the world.  I have a wife who I know loves me and will stick with me no matter what.  I have friends- good friends- real friends… and Jesus is still Lord.   Although some days I felt like I was making my bed in Sheol and the darkness was covering me, God was still caring for me and carrying me through.

As I’m coming out of this season of discouragement, God is reminding me that I need to be a better steward of this season in my life.   I need to recognize His redemptive grace at work,  journal the lessons He is reteaching me on this journey, and be willing to share what I’m learning.   All that to say, I’m back to blogging and I plan to restart by sharing some lessons I’m relearning.

Also, check out  our newsletter winter 2015  for an update on what’s happening in life and ministry.


2 thoughts on “Hiatus over

  1. Kevin,
    Thanks for being open enough to share the post on your discouragement. I am (allowing?) going through such a season here. I serve as a Worship Pastor at a church that is in a serious decline. Often I feel that the Music Ministry is the strongest thing we have going. Our Pastor does not share that feeling and wants us to change everything we do. I guess I’m taking the situation too personally. In reality he has not shown respect to me or the choir/musicians for the 12+ years he’s been here. Having been here for 23 years, it’s getting a little hard to keep going. Your perspective and your situation helped. Thanks. Also, in reference to your previous post, my wife is my biggest supporter, friend, and spiritual adviser.


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