The cost of building

GrandCanyonWatchTower_800Many young men beginning the church planting journey find themselves caught in the current of excitement of a new venture.  Count me as one of them- we should experience great joy when God invites us to join Him in His activity.  All too often, though, we become so enamored with the vision in our minds of what God desires to build that we often miss the importance of considering the cost we’ll incur along the way.   Continue reading

Spurs vs. Heat- Built vs. Bought

NBA_Finals_logo,_2007Last night during the NBA finals halftime show, analyst and former player Jalen Rose used two interesting terms to describe the two basketball teams’ roads to success.  Rose explained how the San Antonio Spurs were built while the Miami Heat were bought.  No one questions the success of either team as the Heat play in their third final in three years and the Spurs seek their third championship since 1999.  Both enjoy remarkable success, yet take two radically different approaches to building a winning cultue. I find some striking parallels with how we develop leadership teams (and people in general) in both established churches and church-plants.   Continue reading

Belated Baptism Pics

I’ve finally posted some pics of Rick’s baptism on Easter Sunday.  Rick is a Army veteran and resident of Burlington’s Old North End who became a follower of Jesus earlier this year.  We’re excited about what God is doing in Rick’s life and believe his story is the beginning of many other stories.

Praying Continue reading

No church-planting Kobes

I like sports… a lot.  I’m not so good at playing sports anymore, but I certainly enjoy watching whether it’s my alma mater’s college football team, high-light reels of Kobe, Lebron, and Durant in the NBA, or cheering on my teen neighbors playing rec ball.   I’m also intrigued by how often topics in sports intersect with following Jesus and leading others.  How scripture uses athletic metaphors from the 1st century is hardly coincidental. Continue reading

Questions that matter most

Since I began my first ministry leadership position over twenty years ago, the metrics for success have seemed to shift somewhat from church to church.  How many people are on the church membership role?  How many people did we baptize?  How many people attended the weekly worship service?  How many people did we connect with through an outreach event?  How many people were assimilated into small groups?  In every case we were measuring numbers.  Don’t misunderstand me: numbers matter because they represent real people with real names who really matter to God.  The bigger issue revolves around what do these numbers mean?  What are we really measuring? Continue reading


Today, March 20, marks the first day of spring.  For many across America this means the onset of warmer weather, longer days, singing birds, blooming flowers, and Easter just around the corner.  Yesterday afternoon my family and I decided to “celebrate” the coming of spring in true Vermont style by building a snowman.  Continue reading