Kids Art Camp- Take 1

This past week we tried something new: a Jesus-centered art camp for thirty kids in Burlington’s Old North End.  A volunteer team from the River Community Church partnered with Burlington City Church and the Kids Alive ministry to make this happen… which included watching a college student from Tennessee teach Burundi African kids Irish folk dance in Burlington, VT Continue reading

Engaging Culture With The Gospel

You may not know this, but I have an affinity (possibly an addiction) for venn diagrams.  For some reason these circles- along with various other shapes, lines, and arrows-help me process ideas.  Below I’ve copied some thoughts I’ve been having over the past few years concerning how to best engage our culture and communities with the gospel.  Naturally, it requires a venn diagram.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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King & Kingdom

This past Sunday in our Home Fellowship we took a look at the wise men, scribes, and King Herod in Matthew 2.  One big point of discussion was how these non-Jewish wise men traveled cross country prepared to worship the King.  One side note we briefly discussed was how all “kingdom work” scripturally is somehow rooted in worshiping Jesus as King.    It made me think about how in modern evangelical Christianity we throw around the term “kingdom work,” yet we somehow can still separate this idea from the King Himself.   So, what does “kingdom work” practically mean?  Continue reading